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Data Download : SY Solenoid Valve

1.inside nominal diameter:10mm
2.good resistance to abrasion
3.factory direct supply
4. fast ship


Data Download : 3V1 Series Solenoid Valve(3 2 way)

2.Direct manufacture supply;
2.Competitive price


Data Download : XYSE Series Solenoid Valve

1.pipe szie code: 20A,25A
2.5 way 2 position, H isolation
3.repsond time(ms):80
4.weight:1817g / 2102g


Data Download : K23JD Series Solenoid Valve(3/2 way)

1.Factory direct supply
2.ISO, CE guarantee
3.100% testing before sending


Data Download : Q23XD Series Solenoid Valve(3/2 way)

1.Small voltage, usually act as the piloted controller of large valtage reversing valve
2. Piloted pneumatic valve, control actuator of small gas consumption

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