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Data Download : AD Series Auto Drain

1. It is automatically discharged in a reliable manner,without requiring human operators.
2. Note:For drain piping use a pipe whose I.D.is not less than 10mm and lenght not more than 5mm.


Data Download : AR Pressure Regulating Valve

1. Independent pipe pressure regulating valve,have panel bracket for optional.
2. Compact and small structure, easy to mount and use. 3.Stable pressure regulation, good pressure charactors.


Data Download : AL Series Lubricater

1. Compact and light structure.
2. Transparent watch cover can show the capacity of oil-drop.
3.Low pressure lost and low fog flow.


Data Download : AW Air Filter Regulator

1.Direct manufacture supply;
2.Drain type:Auto drain,Manual drain;
3.Filter precision:5uM;


Data Download : AC Series Air Combination

1. Fast and reliable fixed connection, easy to mount and use.
2. Stable pressure regulation, high repeat accuracy.
3. High efficiency wator and solid particle removed function.

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