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Data Download : PU Series Tube

1.Good endurance of vibratio, corrosion abrasion and fiection
2. Many colors for choice.


Data Download : NY Series Nylon Tube

1. It has the characteristics of abrasion, pressure resistance, cold resistance, and cold resistance
2.Good bending fatigue performance, long-term stability


Data Download : CLM Air Pressure Extension Tube

1. Wear resistanct,good flexibility,highly stretchable
2. Easy to use


Data Download : EV Vaccum Generator

1.The compressed air go through the nozzle causes high speed discharge and produce side attraction after disfussion.
2.Good bend


Data Download : PA Vaccum Pad

1. Double piston rod provide high degree resistance of bending and torsion.
2. Double cylinder bodies make the output force double as normal cylinders.
3. Apply embedded installation and guarantee t

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